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COVID-19 Office Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

With the recent surge of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, many people and businesses are worried about protecting themselves from this pandemic. Enamored Cleaning is hard at work to protect our communities from further transmission, and we are happy to help new clients clean and disinfect and sanitize their commercial spaces for Coronavirus. 

Enamored Cleaning uses EPA Approved Disinfectants to Sanitize Against Coronavirus

Enamored Cleaning is available for Coronavirus cleaning of commercial spaces, offices, and more. We offer comprehensive janitorial services and are using EPA registered and approved outbreak disinfectant to clean during the Coronavirus outbreak. 


Whether you’re a new client during this unprecedented time or one of our regular clients looking for further services to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Enamored Cleaning is here to help. 


Coronavirus is spreading quickly through populations worldwide, and its high rate of transmission have raised concerns in our communities and many others. The virus can survive on some surfaces for over a week, and infected people may carry the virus for up to two weeks without showing symptoms. This is why cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting public spaces is more important than ever.


According to Johns Hopkins, “Coronaviruses are positive sense, single-strand enveloped RNA viruses belonging to the family Coronaviridae.”  As COVID-19 spreads in the United States and the Philadelphia area, many businesses are looking for solutions to keep offices cleaned and disinfected. 


How We Disinfect for COVID-19

Enamored Cleaning has a COVID-19 cleaning plan in place that uses EPA approved disinfectants. We use an electrostatic sprayer to fully disinfect spaces and surfaces, using the proper disinfectants – the same ones used in hospitals and approved by the proper authorities.


For daily use, we use Peroxy HDOX- an EPA registered broad-spectrum hospital-grade cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, and deodorizer. Our outbreak disinfectants include ABC Lynx (030712,03074), NCL Avistat-D (0252-36), and NCL Germi-kleen. This is an EPA registered, broad-spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectant, sanitizer, and fungicide. 


Both our daily and outbreak disinfectants meet the requirement of a broad-spectrum hospital-grade disinfectant, and both meet the requirement to inactivate non-enveloped viruses including COVID-19. See the following requirements from the EPA Emerging Pathogens Program

III. Product Eligibility Criteria


Registrants should use the following criteria to determine if an EPA-registered disinfectant product is eligible to use the process described in this Guidance. An eligible product should meet both of the following criteria:


  1. The product is an EPA-registered, hospital/health care or broad-spectrum disinfectant with directions for use on hard, porous or non-porous surfaces.


  1. The currently accepted product label(from an EPA registered product as described above in III.1) should have disinfectant efficacy claims against at least one of the following viral pathogen groupings:


  1. a) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one large or one small non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against an enveloped emerging viral pathogen.


  1. b) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one small, non- enveloped virus to be eligible for use against a large, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.


  1. c) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least two small, non- enveloped viruses with each from a different viral family to be eligible for use against a small, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.”


According to these EPA specifications, disinfectants that are effective against non-enveloped viruses are appropriate to use against enveloped viruses like COVID-19. 

Our Location

Our Services

Enamored Cleaning offers full service cleaning solutions. We will work in the background to keep your facility clean, perform regular floor treatments, and do deep cleans if required. Listed below is more information on the services we offer at Enamored Cleaning.


We offer a range of janitorial services that can suit your specific situation.


  • Carpet Cleaning

We utilize top-of-the-line products to remove dust, grime, crumbs, and more from carpets while leaving the fabric of the carpet intact and looking brand new!

  • Floor Care

Enamored provides specialty services to address periodic maintenance needs such as stone intensive treatments to restore the luster of a variety of floor materials

  • Office Cleaning

We take great professional pride in keeping offices and cubicles in pristine condition

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

Your remodeling project isn’t complete until you give Enamored Cleaning a call!


No matter your situation, Enamored Cleaning can offer high-quality service, a  professional workforce, and save you the headache of worrying about cleanliness. 


Contact us today for Coronavirus cleaning services. We are happy to serve our community during this uncertain time.