Fun things to do in Philadelphia

Fun things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is not just about free things, it is a city of fun too! There are a whole lot of things that you can do within the city that are amazing, and you will want to try out. We have been gracious enough to compile a list of the most fun things you should do next time you are in Philadelphia

Visit the Delaware River Waterfront 

History is cool, we all should see the Independence Hall and the Benjamin Franklin cemetery, yes. However, history is the past. The present is moving and we must avail ourselves of it. Visiting the Delaware River Waterfront is a foremost way of getting oneself enmeshed in the happenings of present-day Philadelphia. There are several attractions on the waterfront, and you can also grab a fresh meal regardless of the time you are visiting. 

Eat the Philly-style bagel made with beer 

Bagel making didn’t start in Philadelphia, so let’s not get started on history. However, a shop is putting Philadelphia on the bagel map! The Philly-style bagel is a regular bagel except for a small detail that makes it special; the Philly-style bagel is boiled in beer! The dough for making the bagel has a rich, malty flavor, and you want to have one of those Philly lovelies. . 

Attend the Witches and Wizards weekend 

It isn’t time to get scared yet, but Chestnut Hill hosts the Harry Potter Festival every October. You can expect to find a Halloween frenzy of people dressed as their favorite characters from the movie. And hey, you might even find a witch or wizard!

Visit Shakespeare and Co. 

If you are a lover of books, you should definitely visit the Shakespeare and Co. next time you are in Philadelphia. With online vendors taking a chunk of the book market, Philadelphia is in the middle of a book renaissance, and boutique-styled bookstores are opening all across the city. You can even have your own print-on-request book printer. At the store, you might be lucky to run into an author reading or autographing books, who knows? 

Play your favorite board game over drinks 

Across Philadelphia, several spots don’t just serve you drinks; you are also expected to keep the hands busy with some board games! Some of these bars have impressive games, and you will leave the place overwhelmed after an evening of finger food, drinks, and of course, a great round of board games. 

Eat your fill 

There are only very few other cities that boast the cultural diversity and culinary dexterity exemplified by Philadelphia. The food is everywhere and you can enjoy it anytime. From Donuts and fried chicken to eating original Indonesian meals. The best part? There is usually the right array of music to help get the meal in place!  

Get to the fun in Philadelphia, don’t be a loner! Dive into the city and live your best life. You deserve it.  

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