How dirty floors could be hurting your business

How dirty floors could be hurting your business

One of the most fundamental mistakes you can make in your business environment is to ignore the floor. Have you ever thought that the floor has no significance in your business enterprise? The floor may be hurting your business in ways you can’t even think of. 

If you read that header with a sneer in your voice, it might be time to rethink it. No one likes a dirty floor; not your clients, not your employees. It has a negative effect on the business as a whole. Here are a few ways through which dirty floors can hurt your business:  

Making employees sick

Dirty floors are breeding grounds for various germs and pathogens that carry infections and diseases. The reason for the increased sick leave you have had to hand out could be because your floor is dirty. Employees tend to fall sick more when the floor is dirty than when it is clean and tidy. Over time, it won’t just be your employees that will fall sick, your clients will also be affected, and you might lose a lot of business in the process. 

Dwindling productivity

When the employees of a business fall sick repeatedly due to a dirty floor, the level of productivity begins to ebb. Everyone becomes concerned about their health, and less attention is paid to the job. A lot of people cannot work and give their best in an environment that is not tidy. It is best to have the floor cleaned in order to have the rate of productivity back to an all-time high. 

 Reputational damage

You have a reputation to protect and a dirty floor will mar that reputation. Your employees might be the first set of people to face the shame of a dirty floor, surely, they won’t be the last. Your clients will come in to witness the show of shame as well. It will not be far-fetched if some of these clients decide to withdraw their business from you based on that single experience. 

 Prone to damage

A dirty floor is prone to get damaged. It doesn’t matter the material the floor is made up of. The accumulation of dirt on the floor’s surface will cause structural defects, and over time, the floor will start to get damaged. Are you are willing to spend extra to fix the floor when it gets damaged rather than just getting it cleaned? 

 Compromised air quality

With indoor business areas, it is necessary to invest in a reliable ventilation system as well as an air filtration system to ensure the integrity of the air. Your employees and clients will thank you! With a dirty floor, you are risking overtasking the air filtration system. This is because the dust off the floor will interact with the oxygen and the air filtration system will have to work extra hard to get it right. 

Rather than burden your staff, invest in a commercial cleaning service and get the best!

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