Office cleaning checklist

Office cleaning checklist

Cleaning offices require a high level of coordination, attention to detail, and the ability to work together as a team. Who would have thought you would be needing these skills just to clean offices too? That is why it’s important to make sure the commercial cleaning company you are hiring has a professional office cleaning checklist. 

This checklist serves as a synergy document for all the team members involved in the cleaning. Every individual knows where to start, as well as the limit of their operations. The cleaning company should be gracious enough to share a copy of the checklist with the business owners so that they can be assessed against their promises.  

It is not unusual for some commercial cleaning companies to request a first draft of the cleaning checklist from business owners. This gives them available information they can work with to draft a final copy. That being said, what’s the general overview of a cleaning checklist? What should you look out for? What areas should you include?  


Your cleaning checklist should cover all areas that require cleaning within the office environment. The general overview of a cleaning schedule should include:

The reception area 

Since this is the first area visitors get to when visiting your establishment, the reception area must be kept in a pristine state at all times. This involves daily cleaning, as well as a few spot checks during the day. Depending on the frequency of visits and the nature of the business, spot checks can be scheduled every two hours. Special attention should be paid in order to get things that would have gone unnoticed. 

The cleaning checklist should include 

  • Dusting and straightening the foot mat in the area and thoroughly cleaning the floors
  • Clean the front doors on both sides, this is even more important if it’s a glass door 
  • Use disinfectant while cleaning 
  • Magazines should be straightened and coffee tables kept tidy and polished
  • Every item in the area should be appropriately cleaned 


The offices should be properly cleaned regularly. Depending on the nature of the business, spot checks might be unnecessary for offices. However, daily cleaning is highly necessary. The cleaning checklist for offices should include the following: 

  • Dust all cabinets, furniture, and other hard surfaces within the office. Disinfectants should be used in dusting out the offices. 
  • Empty all of the trash receptacles and replace liners in the wastebaskets. 
  • Wipe down the desk phone, armchairs, and other subtle areas with a mild disinfectant. Don’t forget the desk telephone earpiece and mouthpiece too. 

General office area 

The general surrounding should be disinfected at least once a month. This will keep the environment tidy and repulsive to insects and other dangerous germs or vectors. 

What should you include? 

Since offices differ from each other, your office checklist should be determined by the areas available for cleaning within your business. To create the checklist in accordance with your office space. 

With a checklist, the commercial cleaning company is more than just an employed agency. You become partners in achieving the cleanliness of your business.

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