Office Cleaning for Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

With the pandemic, came the need for several adjustments in our lifestyles and the way we do things. Apart from adhering to the safety protocols of frequent hand-washing, social distancing, and the wearing of face masks in public places, it is extremely vital to regularly disinfect our surroundings and keep them clean.

As life slowly but surely returns to normal, businesses must take special precautions in cleaning their office spaces to guarantee the peace of mind of employees and clients.

To that end, the CDC has proffered special guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting office facilities on a daily basis as well as when someone is reported sick. Here is a discussion of the key points to note.

What to Do When Cleaning the Office for Covid-19

To begin with, cleaning and disinfecting must be done while wearing disposable gloves, gowns, and facemasks to prevent the risk of infection on contact with an infected surface. These should be carefully removed and disposed of after disinfection and disposal of trash.

First, clean with soap and water, and then apply disinfectant. Soap and water help reduce dirt, impurities, and germs on a surface – particles which can hold the virus – while disinfectants finish the job off by killing germs and effectively killing the virus if the surface was infected.

At this time, it is more important than ever to regularly clean surfaces that are frequently touched. The frequency of cleaning should depend on the level of daily use. Things that are in constant use by different people, such as point of sale keypads and shopping carts, need cleaning and disinfection after each use.

Other frequent contact surfaces in an office setting are light switches, doorknobs, tables, chairs, countertops, phone receivers and keypads, keyboards, remote controllers, touchscreens, elevator doors and buttons, shared electronics, desks, handles, faucets, sinks, toilets, and so on.

What Disinfectant Should You Use?

There are special EPA requirements for the disinfectants to be used for home and office cleaning at this time. However, a solution of bleach and water is effective and readily available. For cleaning floors and larger surfaces, the CDC recommends 5 tablespoons (one-third cup) of bleach per gallon of water.

For spray bottle applications, use 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water. If you’re using disinfecting wipes, clean an item at a time with enough wipes so that the surface remains wet for 4 minutes.

Cleaning Don’ts

Here is a list of things not to do while cleaning and disinfecting your facility:

  • Make sure to avoid mixing cleaning products as they contain different chemicals that may either react badly with each other or neutralize the solution.
  • No cleaning should be done without reading product labels and adhering to the instructions given. Don’t use any more than what the label recommends.
  • As always, don’t store or use chemicals in places where children or pets can reach them.
  • Never eat, drink, breathe, or inject cleaning chemicals into your body or apply them directly to your skin as they are extremely harmful. Protect your skin and eyes from the risk of splashes.

It would help to read up on the EPA’s steps for effective and safe use of disinfectants.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

The best way to get all requirements met smoothly and efficiently for the safety of your staff and clients is to hire a commercial cleaning company. If you’re in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and environs, you can trust Enamored Cleaning as your reliable office cleaning solution. We have a reputation for our excellent and professional office cleaning services, and at this time, we have taken special care to ensure that our cleaning methods and materials are safe and in line with the existing protocols.

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