Tips for keeping a clean office

Tips for keeping a clean office

It is not enough to have a commercial cleaning company coming around to tidy up your office space. The onus lies on you to keep your office space tidy. Even at moments when the cleaning company workers are away, what can you do to keep your office tidy on your own? 

If your desk is a mess, chances are you will not be able to achieve a lot. Clutter hinders productivity, as such, it would be best to declutter and get organized. In all, it is not a one-way street. What works for you might not work for someone else. Here are a few tips that can help you keep a clean office: 

Establish an administrative hour

Having an administrative hour is like having the school hour, it prepares the mind to get out of work. This triggers the staff to clean their table and keep it pristine. The resultant effect is that the table is free of clutter the next day, and each new day can start on a fresh chapter. The administrative hour is not the period to begin to take action. It is one to review actions taken and to draft the to-do list for the day or the next. Depending on the organizational structure, your administrative hour might be at the start or the end of the day. 

Resist the urge to put things aside 

Don’t we all have the urge to want to put things aside and deal with them later? This can lead to having piles of paperwork scattered all around the office space, and that makes the office untidy. Rather than making the mental decision to deal with those files later, how about you deal with them right away. Put your papers in the right place now, so that’s one less item to deal with later. This helps keep a squeaky-clean office space for everyone! 

Digitize and recycle papers 

With the advances in technology, paper usage is dropping. Even if you still favor the printed paper format, you can always digitize and recycle the old papers. This means less clutter for everyone to deal with. Plus, there is no way computer files can make your office untidy. The key here is decluttering and sticking with only those things that are essential to your workplace development. 

Get your wires in order

One area that can easily communicate disarray to anyone visiting your office is the wiring. If there are too many wires littering the floor or table, you are passing the wrong message. Your chargers and other wires must be well arranged and hidden if possible. Put your cord in an accessible place so they don’t call attention. It is also important that you use an ideal desk. 

All of these tips do not require the commercial cleaning company weighing in. If you get started on these tips, you would be making your office safer and faster for everyone. Your office will be a delight for visiting clients too. Don’t we all love a clean office?  Hire a cleaning company to regularly vacuum floors, clean your kitchen and bathrooms.

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