What is the difference between commercial cleaning and Janitorial services

What is the difference between commercial cleaning and Janitorial services

Every industry or sector has its own terminology. In the cleaning space, the term commercial cleaners and janitors are quite different. They may seem similar, but there are a lot of differences between a commercial cleaning and a janitorial service. Which is better tailored for you? Which should you opt for? 

In short, they may seem like they are one and the same. However, in the legal and business sense, a commercial cleaning service is miles different from a janitorial service. We will be looking into some of the differences between the two services and how you can pick the one that works best for you. 

It is best we start from their individual definitions and then work our way down.  


A commercial cleaning service company or agency handles in-depth and heavy cleaning tasks. The services occur regularly throughout a given calendar year. While a janitorial service involves basic cleaning and maintenance to the interior of a premise. The services are provided either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

The definition seems similar, but we have only just started splitting the difference between these similar terminologies. We move next to the activities performed by the different services. 


A commercial cleaning outfit will carry out activities such as furniture cleaning, carpet or general floor cleaning, power washing, and grout washing. A janitorial service, on the other hand, is involved in taking out the trash, sanitizing the restrooms, kitchen, and the break room to ensure that the premise is conducive for clients and employees. 

In essence, commercial cleaners are concerned with the overall deep cleaning of the office space, while janitorial staff are all about the day to day cleaning of the office space. This forms the core difference between the different services. While they are both involved in cleaning, they are involved in different forms of the cleaning. 

Another standpoint that differentiates the commercial cleaning service and janitorial service is also in the form of insurance.  The risks covered for the janitorial services do not cover the handling of any electrical appliance. As such, the janitorial staff is not expected to handle telephones or computers when cleaning. This is, however, not a limitation for the commercial cleaning service. The insurance covers the handling of electrical gadgets by the staff of commercial cleaning businesses. 

The general business classification for janitorial services is also very different from that of the commercial cleaning service. All of these differences form the contrasts between janitorial services and commercial cleaning. It is best to pick the service that will bring out the best for you. 

Now that you are acquainted with the fundamental differences between janitorial services and commercial cleaners, you can decide on the services that you will be needing for your business. If the cleaning procedure will require the cleaning of electrical appliances, you should be going with a commercial cleaning service.

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