Where to shop in Philadelphia

Where to shop in Philadelphia

Ever so often, the retail bug bites and it doesn’t matter whether we are on the other end of the globe, or we are in our neighborhood, we just want to shop. If you are visiting Philadelphia anytime soon, you can be sure that there are a lot of options you can pick from when the retail bug comes biting. While Philadelphia may not be Paris or Italy, you can find items that will satisfy the avid fashionista. 

Philadelphia is a city that truly nurtures its homegrown talent. What that means for shoppers is despite not being considered among the world’s most fashion-forward cities, Philly is a locale where you can find one-of-a-kind treasures designed and finished right in the back of the store.

You can pick a neighborhood based on what you love to shop for and look at: Old City, for instance, is great for art galleries, cutting-edge and vintage boutiques; Walnut St in Rittenhouse Square is where you’ll find the fashions the fashionistas can’t live without, and Antique Row is a paradise for antique collectors and shelter mavens. Plus, as an added bonus, here in Pennsylvania, you pay no sales tax on clothing.  Let’s run quickly through the best places to shop in Philadelphia: 

The shops at Liberty Place 

Liberty Place is a sleek shopping complex that houses about 60 retail tenants. The mall is a get-away from the weather of the outside world, and it hosts events ever so often. Aside from the fashion essentials and treats, you can also grab a bite while at Liberty Place. If you are looking to gift someone a treat and you are close to the city centre, Liberty place is the place for you. 


Located in quiet Chestnut Hill, the shop aims at having you break away from the boring norms of shopping for similar items. Roots carry cute fashion-forward items, and you can visit the shop if you need to complete your attire with something different. The shop is perfect for unique items that you will most likely not find anywhere else. 

AJA Bookstore and design center

How did a gift shop run by the American Institute of Architect become a go-to place for shopping? The answer is simple, this is Philadelphia. Besides, the shop is stocked with gifts for everyone. You can get table covers, neckties, and you can buy richly hued books. You can even buy your kid some Legos!


Looking at getting the latest kicks or just casually updating your wardrobe? UBIQ is the place to go! This boutique has seen partnerships with Vas and Puma to create exclusive lines of sneakers. If you can’t find those kicks elsewhere, you should check out UBIQ. You can shop for casual men’s clothes while you are looking out for a deal on the sneaks too. 

With the array of shops you can buy from, shopping in Philadelphia is such a breeze!

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